Some of the clients of Systems Project Management include the following:

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 86

 Located near FM 1960 and Ella Boulevard, this commercial and multi family Utility District was Systems Project Management's first client. The District had recently installed natural gas-driven emergency generators at their water plant, their wastewater plant, and their emergency staging facility which provides emergency power to these critical utility facilities. 

Bissonnet Municipal Utility District

 Located in Southwest Houston near Bissonnet and Eldridge Road. This District has been in existence for over 35 years and has successfully completed several new residential developments in recent years. Bissonnet MUD is a proud WaterWise® sponsor of  Alief ISD's Alexander and Liestman Elementary Schools. 

Kings Manor Municipal Utility District

Located in the heart of Kingwood  (the "Livable Forest") near Kingwood Drive and Hwy 59, this mostly residential District is nearly completely developed. As with most communities in the Kingwood family, this District prides itself in its scenic greenbelts and nature trails. The District is also a long term participant in AWBD's WaterSmart® program and a proud sponsor of the Kings Manor Elementary School. 

Parkway Utility District

Located off Beltway 8 and Tidwell Road, Parkway Utility District has made tremendous strides in land development during the past 10 years with no end in sight.  Parkway has recently completed the construction of emergency power generators to all (7) of their wastewater lift stations. Parkway is an active sponsor of the Greens Bayou Coalition and also proudly sponsors Sheldon ISD's  Monahan and Carroll Elementary Schools in the WaterWise program. Parkway is currently involved in constructing a series of hike and bike trail systems and recently installed a pedestrian foot bridge to allow the school children in their neighborhood to have a safer route to Monahan Elementary School. 

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 8

Our newest client is nestled upon the scenic banks of lower Greens Bayou which is home to the first canoe launch (Thomas Foster Park) of the entire 45 mile waterway. HC MUD #8, in partnership with the Greens Bayou Coalition, will also be featuring the Normandy Crossing Bayou Nature Preserve which is a 60 acre wooded area surrounding the Normandy Crossing Elementary School. The Riviera East subdivision is served by HC MUD #8.